Nightmare On Elm Street

The revamp of the 1984 slasher/horror classic, directed and birthed by Wes Craven, was dazzling in display, while surprisingly thick in back story. Apart from the archival Friday the 13th remake, which had no point other than proving Jason’s skill with his machete and uncanny skill to kill with literally anything, Nightmare provided fans with gripping suspense, plenty of creative scares, and a well drawn out origin plot.

The last attribute is something not expected in this genre, however I believe this is a direct indication of where the franchise is headed. While all will morn over the loss of Robert Englund as Krueger, fans across the globe must unite to support Earle Haley, and his outstanding effort. Going into the film my only worry resided in the casting choice for Krueger. When the trailer initially released my thoughts instantly leap towards Watchmen and Earle Haley’s superb role as Rorschach. While his voice will always remind comic fan boys of the beloved character, we must realize the dawn of Earle Haley’s career has reached us.

This is just the beginning of his roles for future films in the series, and movies to come. One thing key to think on that is more painfully honest than anything else – Englund will always be Freddy because it was HIS ROLE, however unlike Jackie Earle Haley, Englund will never be a four dimensional actor.


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