The emergence of Neill Blomkamp’s ‘District 9’ reinvigorated and seemingly repelled away from the overly mundane and monotonous Science Fiction flick that has plagued audiences for decades, which is why the production was extremely triumphant across all channels. Cinemas throughout the globe were enthralled and fed intravenously by the ingenious burst of creativity and vision, as well as the advent of Sharlto Copley’ Wikus van der Merwe’.

Fast-forwarding four years later, Blomkamp has once again bequeathed aspiration from the fathoms of his imagination and given moviegoers another rejuvenation that is immensely extravagant. ‘Elysium’ couples elements of Blomkamp’s first success, with shiny new advances that arouse further expansion of the genre itself. The story, though somewhat linear, suffers from predictability, however, the roles of Damon, Foster, Fichtner and most irrevocably Copley, propel the story through almost seamlessly–intermixed with dazzling visual spectacles.

While some may mourn the departure of the ‘Halo’ movie, ‘Elysium’ aggressively “mans the reins” with fervor, passion, and dedication. The plethora of Sci-Fi fans that patiently entertain mediocre, high-budget brickbat movies, are most certainly and undeniably grinning from ear-to-ear after one hour and forty-three minutes of sheer delectation.


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