Spectre Theme (Bond 24)

MI6’s dashing antihero has taken a three-year layoff, but has now returned to the MGM silver screen to debut his latest wares. As with every Bond film, the intro theme is as crucial as the main characters; placing an early framework module that will either propel the title to success, or pummel to eventual failure.

Now, I want to make it clear as Richard Kiel’s skydiving goggle-lenses, (’79 Moonraker) that in no way, shape or form was Sam Smith’s theme (Writing’s On The Wall) a failure. No… The track was actually quite successful; evidence in the eerie, melodic genius of utilizing subtle echos of string and brass in the backdrop, while an elegant alto sounds-off falsetto’s with natural ease. As the opening intro cues, his lyrics and tone fit the visual retelling rather well. All-in-all, everything lines up.

However, enter Thom Yorke and Radiohead’s unreleased theme–now released, just 48 hours ago. Have a listen if you have not:

Radiohead Spectre Single

Yes… Allow those lyrics to sink-down within your core for a few moments… The haunting reverberations of the single dispatch ever-committed (invisible) rays of creative magnificence into your soul, causing each and every human being’s four-chambered beating meat sack to pump with fervor and an intensity that this theme does lack with Sam Smith.

Void of passion–yes. That fickle, overused and regurgitated noun that seemingly guides the creative plane to glory or depression. Sadly, we will never know why Barbara Broccoli and The Wilson’s elected for the route of Sam Smith. No offense to you Mr. Smith (I am also a Smith) but Radiohead killed this theme in every way, and was robbed (irrevocably) of having their named stamped alongside Bond 24.


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