Piquant Apple-Honey Korean Curry Stew

This is a great recipe that I learned from a famous Korean Chef up in the Bay Area with a tiny, creative twist or two of my own. The recipe will easily serve 7-9 servings, and is perfect for a small family that is on a budget but prefers unique, dynamic taste(s).


1.5 lbs. Stew Meat (your preference)
2 Cups of Organic Brown Rice
Six Golden Potatoes
Two Organic White/Yellow Onions
One Bag of Organic Baby Carrots
One Fried-Egg per serving

Vermont Hot Curry (any spice level is fine)
Three Tablespoons of Peppercorn/Pepper
Three Tablespoons of Himalayan Pink Salt/Sea Salt
One Tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper
1/2 Cup of Michiu Cooking Wine
1/4 Cup of Soy or Maggi
One Tablespoon of Wasabi Paste
One Tablespoon of Garlic Paste

(Optional but recommended)
Two Tablespoons of Korean BBQ Seasoning

Step One

Brandish your favorite adept slicing knife, and carefully cut the six Golden Potatoes down into small cubes, followed by two Onions, and finally the Bag of Baby Carrots.

Toss them into a large mixing bowl, then add:

– Two Tablespoons of Peppercorn/Pepper
– Two Tablespoons of Himalayan Pink Salt/Sea Salt
– 1/2 Cup of the Michiu Cooking Wine

This is now the part where we will proceed to “roll up the sleeves” and equip your favorite apron. In this case, I now will place on my Los Pollos Hermanos apron, slide my fingers into the mixing bowl, and be sure to thoroughly mix the vegetables with those three ingredients.

Once complete, place some Foil or Cling Wrap over the bowl, and set it in the fridge.



Step Two

Clean Two Cups of Organic Brown Rice (yes, it is essential you clean in cool water because rice has tiny [invisible] “bad guys” on each speck) then place in your beloved Rice Cooker on the Brown Rice Setting, set aside on move onto Step Three.


Step Three

Defrost the Stew Meat of your choosing (I prefer Calf Flank from H-Mart) to the point where it is barely malleable, then add the following topping(s) as such:

–  One Tablespoon of Peppercorn/Pepper
– One Tablespoon of Himalayan Pink Salt/Sea Salt
– 1/4 Cup of Soy or Maggi
– One Tablespoon of Wasabi Paste
– One Tablespoon of Garlic Paste
– One Tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper


Yes, the Garlic-Wasabi Smile does indeed infuse vital “gleeful” flavor into your final product… Science Can Do It!

Now, rub all those awesome flavors into the meat on both sides, cover with Foil or Cling Wrap, and place into the fridge to marinate for at least 3-4 hours.

Step Four

Preheat your Crock Pot to High.

Remove your veggies from the fridge, place in a large pot with water, bring to a boil, then simmer on Low-Medium Heat for 14-16 minutes.


On the opposite side of the stove-top, we will brown the meat. I prefer to slice the meat into horizontal section(s) before cooking in order to receive a better cook. Sometimes stew meat can be tough, especially if you chose to go with Bison, Buffalo, or something along those lines. Brown on Medium Heat to Medium-Rare then remove.

Step Five

Place all your awesome Veggies, tender Meat, and box of Vermont Curry into the Crock Pot for 1-2 hours.


Come back after said time frame, and take count of those that desire a Fried-Egg on top of their dish… It is rather important to the meal, so let’s go ahead and assume everyone does. The only method to frying an egg is a non-stick pan and a touch of Olive Oil. Cook lightly, as we want the yolk to break apart on-top of the Curry.

Place the desired amount of Brown Rice into a serving bowl, then the Curry, and finally the Fried-Egg.




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