Moonlight (Lookin’ blue)

The emotion vested within the core of this story is as gut-wrenching as it’s foretelling on one’s purpose from the creator himself. The subtlety of raw despair is often felt but left unsaid, due to the overwhelmingly troubling external forces surrounding Little. The altruistic actions of Mahershala Ali’s Juan towards Little propel the framework to the very conclusion itself.

Along the way–after some years eclipse–Chiron finds himself combating his mother’s addiction and the trauma that is high school. Humans will undoubtedly rear the ugliest of forms, but Chiron travels towards an infinite discovery of his own metamorphosis. Sometimes an escape offers clarity, even though the shift in scenery is only but a temporary notion. Teresa.

Black has reinvented himself in an attempt to shed demons from his past. While the bandage method has healed a few wounds, others–deepest of all–still remain. A call from a love thought to be lost shakes Black’s very foundations–sending him on a whim back to Miami to unlock the very door inside the subterranean chasm of his soul.

Be who you are–true to your heart. Don’t allow the world to define your novella. You’re the author–walk forward with your eyes focused ahead.


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