Only Yesterday (US 2016 Release)

“There will come a time will only yesterday will get you to tomorrow. Don’t let yesterday become too far away.” -Zachary Nathan Smith

Intricately woven, Only Yesterday will transport your mind and heart to the days where purity and simplicity took lead. The script is expertly crafted and invokes a personal journey. During this journey, I found my soul recovering memories of the younger self, processing vivid memory clips, and unearthing them to present day for adult life application: A crossroads of yesteryear and present year colliding at breakneck speed. The past offers much clarity to the present and even the future… A repeat of our mistakes, or an alternate decision that conjures new roadway ahead.

Our grade school years are a time of infinite discovery, though we yearn for the freedom and complexity our adult life will bring. In all irony, our adult life can be dull, repetitive and a swirling void of dissatisfaction if we’re not doing what we love to do. This is why Only Yesterday is such a beautiful film. In two hours, Isao Takahata revolutionizes the importance of our passion for life, our memories of the past and how we choose to allow them to shape our future.

Never allow your mind to cease travel backward. For when that day comes your path ahead will be one that is dimly lit and void of the very innocence, grace and raw character that your soul has become. Never fully grow up inside your heart and mind, despite what others may say or do. Be true to yourself through and through.